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Durham’s hardware testbeds are currently integrated into COSMA, i.e. they use the same login nodes, the same file system, and the same software environment. To acquire access, you have to register for a COSMA account following the instructions here. Please quote the project do009.

We will evaluate access requests on a case-by-case base. As a rule of thumb, we grant access to Durham members, UK academics, PostDocs, PhDs and RSEs, and we try to accommodate collaborations with international research partners.

Access to COSMA is realised through ssh. Use the cosma8 login nodes by default. However, this is an AMD architectures, i.e. depending on the testbed node that you want to use, you have to log into this type of architecture first before you compile the code. Otherwise, the compiler might produce executables for the wrong kind of machinery.

The systems can be used free of charge. However, we ask people to refrain from running very long production jobs, unless they have explicitly asked for permission to do so. Different clusters are acquired through different funding. We usually give members of the underlying research consortia higher priority.